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Between 1985 to 1989, 1900 patients with terminal stage were treated. The success of this trial is depicted below:
80-100% symptom free up to 2yrs then left the follow up
50-80% symptomatic improvement, then left the follow up
    5-50% improvement, then left the follow up
Those who took it for two months only
Zero Toxicity Report
CARCTOL has been tested for Zero Toxicity at All India Institute of Medical Sciences and also at -
Lyne, Martin & Radford, UK. Both these toxicity test reports are available upon request to patients and researchers.
Severn Trent Laboratories in Coventry, UK has also issued a Lab Test Report after doing a thorough Compound and Multiresidue Analysis. All these reports are also available upon request.


For individuals with potential hazard of cancer like smokers, tobacco addicts, drug addicts, alcoholics, residents of highly polluted areas, patients of chronic coughs, ulcers, women with consistent leucorrhoea problems and such other health hazards are strongly recommended to take CARCTOL regularly.

In addition families with history of cancer patients are also advised to use CARCTOL as a preventive meassure.
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