"God has not given us any disease for which he has not provided a remedy" - Paracelsus
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Testimonial - "My 2-year old daughter has been taking Carctol for almost 3 months now while also undergoing chemotherapy.  On her last chemo cycle of cyclophos and vincristine, which normally makes patients neutropenic, she sailed through without her white cell count being compromised.  She also gained weight, having arrived at the hospital at 12 kg to a recent weight of 14.1 kg... which is highly unusual for chemo patients.  The oncology team here at Stonybrook Hospital in New York now remind me about her Carctol administration, which is an example to me that they believe Carctol is a positive factor in her healing and overall health." - Amy Radford, New York
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Carctol gave Ms. Gwen Garner , a new life. " I first heard about the Indian herbal remedy Carctol two years ago, when it was prescribed to my mother. She had been very ill and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, untreatable. The doctors at her local hospital put in a stent, which relieved her sickness and jaundice, but they said there was nothing more they could do - no surgery, no chemotherapy, no radiation. Happily for my family, my mother, who was told she had a few months to live, is doing fine two and a half years later. A scan six months after she started her new regime showed that her tumour had stopped growing. A bladder cancer, which she already had, and was being treated, has disappeared. She does not claim that she has been cured, only that she is in remission, but the cancer has been checked and her quality of life is good. " - Lesley Garner, Daughter of Ms. Gwen Garner.  
- Sourced from Telegraph.co.uk

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