Frustrated by Ineffective Cancer Therapies? Do you know any terminally ill cancer patient?
Suffering from Chemotherapy side effects? Do not lose Hope! Safe Herbal Cancer Treatment is here. Treat Cancer, Naturally with CARCTOL - The Ray of Hope.

What is CARCTOL ?

CARCTOL is a gift of timeless knowledge of Ayurveda. What started as a precious mix of herbs in powdered form, has been refined over the years as a Herbal Dietary Supplement (in capsules). 

Today CARCTOL is a herbal compound containing only rare, natural and indigenous Indian Herbs mixed together with proportional strength to treat and heal all types of Cancer.

This Herbal Cancer Treatment, CARCTOL is distinguished from other conventional anti-cancer drugs for the fact that it does not cause any side effects, has ZERO Toxicity and is backed by Pharmacological data. Besides healing Cancer, it also neutralises toxicity produced by chemotherapeutic agents.

CARCTOL Treats CA-Cervix, Ca Esophagus, Leukaemia Myoblastic and Lymphoblastic and other Cancers of Soft Tissues.

Composition of CARCTOL:

Each CARCTOL capsule of 500 mg contains :
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"God has not given us any disease for which he has not provided a remedy" - Paracelsus
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Advantages of CARCTOL:

- Oral Administration
- Effective against multi-drug resistance
- Well Tolerated
- Cost Effective
- Prevents Recurrences of Secondaries.
- Relieves Despondency
- Also effective for those patients who are troubled by the side-effects of chemo-therapy and radiotherapy

Dosage Instructions:
Adult 1 capsule 4 times a day
Child 1/2  * 4 times a day
Infant 1/4 * 4 times a day
* In cases of Children and Infants, capsule has to be opened, and the contents inside have to be divided as per dosage. For example in case of a child, 1/2 of the content of a capsule has to be given each time,, 4 times in a day. The contents can ideally be fully dissolved in milk and then given. 
Incase of fighting against malign tumors, these amounts must be doubled.

In chronic cases, the dosage can be also be increased to 6 to 8 capsules a day, in proportion or as recommended by the physician.

An adult has to take one CARCTOL capsule normally four times a day i.e. at 8 AM - 12 Noon - 4 pm - 8 pm strictly after meals or light refreshments with milk only. You can vary the above times giving a strict 4 hour gaps as per your meal schedule.

The dosage may be increased up to 6 to 8 capsules a day considering the advancement of malignancy in the patient. Since CARCTOL capsule contains herbs, it has a slow action. To be assured of its effiency, one should continue it strictly as per dosage schedule for at least 60 days (2 months) for the Initial Response and then to continue as per physician's advise. CARCTOL capsules are to be continued for six more months even after obtaining "No Evidence of Malignancy" report from a reputed diagnostic laboratory. It is important not to interrupt the daily dosage in any case. During the treatment, if any other ailment develops, required treatment can be taken by consulting your family physician. CARCTOL does not interfere or cross-react with any medicine.

Anything that tastes sour must be avoided. Read our FAQ here for more details.  Sufficient quantity of "Boiled and then cooled" water should be taken during the administration of CARCTOL.
It is also advised that consumption of liquor, tobacco in any form and non-vegetarian food should be avoided.
20 mg
20 mg
120 mg
20 mg
20 mg
200 mg
80 mg
20 mg
Hemidesmus Indicus
Tribulus Terrestris
Piper Cubeba Linn
Ammani Vesicatoria
Lepidium Sativum Linn
Blepharis Edulis
Smilax China Linn
Rheumemodi Wall
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